We offer an extensive and complete ac unit and heating furnace tune ups.

Don’t settle for an overpriced “ac unit inspection.” They are 2 things that are completely different.

And don’t wait until your unit has gone past the point of no return either. Let us tune up your unit, keep it running at peak performance and ultimately saving you actual cash, because it will be running at it’s most efficient and optimal capabilities.

Take a look at what we actually do:

Air Conditioning Tune Up

• Check refrigerant pressures
• Check condenser fan motor amperage
• Check condenser fan motor capacitor
• Check compressor amperage
• Check compressor capacitor
• Check contactor
• Tighten electrical connections (if needed)
• Measure volts and amps
• Measure temperature difference between supply air and return air
• Monitor cooling cycle
• Clean condenser coil (minor cleaning included, major cleaning requires extra charge)

Furnace Tune Up