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Get Your AC Repaired The Right Way And Fixed The Right Away!

Nothing is worse than an ac unit going down on a hot Vegas summer day. When that happens it now becomes essential to find a reputable Las Vegas air conditioning repair service as soon as possible. That’s where Black Mountain Air comes in. Our NATE-certified techs will make you feel like family and can get your ac unit repaired the right way and fixed right away.

Black Mountain Air has been serving the Las Vegas Valley area for more than 14 years. We’ve been fixing broken ac units from all across town. From Green Valley to Seven Hills, Enterprise to Spring Valley, Summerlin to Sunrise Manor, and all points in between. We specialize in getting your air conditioner working like it’s supposed to, so you can get back to feeling comfortable in your home.

When to Call for AC Repair Las Vegas?

Should I call or try to fix it myself?

If you are handy and know what you are doing, then, by all means, do what you need to do in order to get your home comfortable.

With some basic troubleshooting, some homeowners may be able to resolve the issue and avoid a service call. We can gladly walk you through some over the phone

But if you aren’t so handy or just need another opinion on what’s going on, then don’t hesitate to call. Definitely call if you see, smell or hear any of the following most common issues:

  • Warm air coming from your AC
  • Complete AC failure
  • Problems with your fan
  • Strange noises or unusual smells
  • Ducts that are leaking
  • Uneven cooling
  • Thermostat issues

We’ve noticed that many Las Vegas homeowners hesitate to call for ac repair right away. Unfortunately, things usually tend to get worse and much hotter before they ever get better.

If some of these issues aren’t caught right away, they could end up costing you more in the long run with hefty energy bills or damaged parts that might require more expensive fees to repair or replace. If any of these symptoms apply to your unit, then call our team right away to repair or service your air conditioning system.

Why is my air conditioner not cooling?

There are a number of answers to the question, but don’t worry. Just because it isn’t working now doesn’t mean it’s automatically going to be an expensive ac repair. In most cases, we can get you fixed the same day.

A typical split-system air conditioner has a lot of moving parts. Your cooling system is more than just the condenser unit (the AC unit or heat pump) sitting outside your home.

Most can include, but not limited to having:

  • An Indoor Air Handler (furnace or fan coil)
  • An Evaporator Coil
  • Air Filter
  • Thermostat and Copper Tubing (refrigerant lines) that connect the indoor and outdoor units

What happened? Why does my AC need repair?

Air conditioners are really just machines with parts that wear and tear over time. So even if your air conditioner has been maintained correctly, it will require repair services at some point. Vegas heat is no joke. The strain on the units when our temperatures are averaging 100+ for 3 months can definitely take a huge toll on any unit.  Let alone one now working at 100%.

Help my ac isn’t working, How soon can you get here?

Whenever you discover your cooling system is broken, just give us a call at 702-450-6488 to reach us right away by phone or contact us via the book online or “get a quick quote” feature on our site.

Our team will figure out when someone will be home and we will schedule a technician to your home at an agreed-upon time.

We know how stressful it is not to have the air conditioner working in this sweltering Vegas heat. 

That’s why we keep our trucks fully stocked, so we do our best to get your AC fixed in one visit.

We specialize in having professionally trained technicians, not upsell happy salesmen. And we won’t nickle and dime you every step of the way.

Looking for One of the Best and Most Highly Reviewed AC services companies?

If your thermostat checks out and you still don’t have cool air, locate your system’s air filter, turn the system off, remove the filter and inspect. If, after you are satisfied that you have a clean air filter and your central air conditioner does not cool your home, you’ll have to dig a little deeper to locate the problem.

Most Common Las Vegas Air Conditioning Repair Problems

When your ac goes out and the heat keeps rising in your home, you might just be wondering, “Just How Bad is all this going to be?”

To help relieve you of some worry, here’s a few of the more common problems that we see go wrong with your ac units in the Vegas valley.

Refrigerant Leaks, Drainage Problems, Drain line blockage or Broken Compressors

The refrigerant, a chemical used in your air conditioner, in order to cool the air in your house, is contained in the pipes that connect the indoor and outdoor equipment.

A leak in the system will cause the ac unit to not cool correctly. It’s important that we find that leak and seal it. Then make sure to add back in the proper levels of refrigerant that was lost.

AC coils get very cold and also produce condensation, just like the condensation that forms on the outside of a cold glass of water?

To help the condensation to flow away from the unit, air conditioners are designed with drain pans and piping. If there’s a clog it can cause all sorts of problems. You could experience high levels of humidity. Or ultimately the unit doesn’t turn on because the drain pan is full.

Make no mistake about it, the compressor is the most critical part of your air conditioning system. Without it, nothing else in the system will work properly. Compressor repairs can be the most complex as well. Which is the main reason most homeowners hate to hear anything about compressor problems.

Faulty Fans or Blowers, Frozen AC Coils and Capacitor Replacements

The condensing unit, the big metal box outside your home, houses a compressor, coils, and one or more fans.

These components are essential to making sure your air conditioner is operating properly and as intended. The outdoor fan, specifically,  helps cool the refrigerant and push hot air away from your unit. A problem with the motor to something like bent blades can keep your system from operating and struggling to perform. 

Capacitor, Contact, & Evaporator Coil Replacements

Heat energy and humidity are removed from the air, when warm indoor air passes through the evaporator coil.  Sometimes these will need to be replaced.

Most central air conditioning systems will include an evaporator coil. To see if there is any obvious damage, then you can find the evaporator coil sitting in its own cabinet, outside the furnace. If your indoor unit is in fact a furnace. But if the indoor unit is a fan coil, then the evaporator coil sits inside the fan coil cabinet. 

Damaged Heat Pumps, Condensation Pump repairs & Circuit Board Replacement

Heat pumps are subject to the same issues in a cooling system, just like your typical air conditioner. So you want to make sure they aren’t dirty. And that the coils aren’t clogged or frozen. And check to see that there are no visible refrigerant leaks or compressor problems.

We recommend checking out your thermostat settings and the air filter first. If everything checks out okay and you’re still sweating inside and just need some relief, then give our team a call right away at 702-450-6488 so we can help you figure out what’s really wrong.

Condensor Units, Thermal expansion valve (TXV) troubleshooting and many more HVAC repairs

It could be your outdoor condenser unit. A good indication is when your air conditioner is running, but not lowering temperatures inside. The first thing to look at would be to see if the condenser coil is blocked or clogged. 

The exterior of the condenser unit has a large outdoor coil, which wraps around the outside of the unit.

The condenser fan draws air into the outdoor unit through the condenser coil, along with dirt, grass and other airborne debris, as it looks to pull heat energy out of your home. In the worst case scenario, a complete system shutdown or damage to the compressor from having to work so hard will occur. But most of the time it’s probably just a clogged coil where it won’t cool the air and runs extremely inefficiently.

Rinsing the coil gently with a hose or using a brush attachment to vacuum our any debris could be your first move. If that doesn’t help, then it might be time to get some professional help.

Dirty Air Filter Replacements

Depending on your system, you may have an air filter located in or around the indoor air handler. The filter is supposed to catch dirt, dust and other airborne particles before they get to the air handler, in order to keep the components inside the system clean and working effectively. 

As a bonus it can actually help keep the air in your home clean as well. A dirty air filter can block airflow and reduce cooling to your home. 

To see if it’s the air filter, find where it’s located, turn the system off, remove and inspect the filter. If it is clean and you thermostat checks out, then it’s probably a bigger issue.

Honest AC Repair Reviews Near Me, Residential Service

Our residential air conditioning repair specialist can will get your air conditioner back in tip top shape when it starts to go out on you. 

Our team knows that the LAST THING you want to be without during those dog days of summer, especially in Nevada, is to be without ice cold air! 

Here’s a few of the valley’s residence we’ve been privileged to help. 

Serving Southern Nevada From Green Valley To Summerlin. Enterprise To Spring Valley. Silverado Ranch To Paradise NV

Whether you are near “the Strip”, heading home from working at the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority or Taking the 215 on your way to Lake Las Vegas. If you live in Clark County, NV then we can take care of you. 

We service The Top AC Brands, Makes & Models

Including, but not limited to:



American Standard

AC Pro









and Ruud just to name a few.

Servicing multi stage digital thermostats honeywell pro 5000 programmable , T6 Pro, nest and ecobee smart wifi thermostat

There are a variety of single stage thermostats available. Programmable single-stage thermostats offer you the option of creating one or more programs for your cooling system. 

Upgrading your thermostat can also help you save money and increase the durability of your home’s HVAC system. 

Multi-stage systems include more than one source of heated or cooled air. An example might be when a heating system uses both a furnace and solar panel to provide heat. Your thermostat will requires a multi-stage configuration. 


AC Repair Costs and Estimates for Las Vegas

A lot of different factors go into providing a quote or estimate for ac repairs. We try to do as much as we can over the phone, in an effort to keep from having to make a housecall or what we call a service call. 

We charge a minimum of $60.00 for the service call. If after our skilled technicians visit your home and diagnose your problem. 

If the price of the repairs are below $60.00, then that’s all you would be charged.  

Should the cost of the repair exceed $60.00, then we will tell you exactly how much your additional repair costs will be before we undertake any repairs. That price will be based on a straight forward pricing list.

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