Clark County Museum

The Clark County Museum is a must-see attraction in Henderson, Nevada. It is located at 1830 S Boulder Hwy, Henderson, NV 89002. This historic site is part of the Clarks County Parks Exhibit Hall, a historical district and a museum. If you want to know the history of the city, go to Heritage Street, where you will see eight historic buildings from the county. Read More. After you finish your tour, you can take a short drive to the downtown area, where you can shop for souvenirs or take a ride on the free shuttle.

There is much to do in the city, but you should definitely visit the Clark County Museum. It’s a great place for the entire family to learn about the history of Henderson. The Museum offers several interactive exhibits that you can touch and even touch, including a timeline that traces the history of southern Nevada. You can even see some restored historical structures and learn about the daily life of the people from different decades. The museum is open seven days a week, so you can find plenty of things to do and see in this city.

The museum is also worth a visit if you’re in the area. The Goumond House, which is a unique example of late 1800s Scandinavian and Tudor architecture, is a wonderful example of the era. The Goumond House was moved to the museum in 1979 and was the last pioneer home in downtown Las Vegas. The Museum also includes a replica of a print shop from that time period. Here you’ll see a large 1890 Babcock printing press, Mentges folding machine, and National paper cutter.

The Clark County Museum is located on a 30-acre site in Henderson, Nevada. The exhibits include a modern exhibit hall and a timeline highlighting the history of southern Nevada. The historic buildings pictured on the site depict the lives of residents during different decades. A new feature of the museum is a “Flag This Place” feature, which allows you to alert the administrators of the site of inappropriate content. This flag will not be shared with other visitors. Click for info.

The Clark County Museum is a 30 acre site that features a history of the city. There are interactive exhibits, relics and buildings from the past. The museum’s Heritage Street is a walking trail that contains eight historic structures in southern Nevada. Two of these structures are the Giles/Barcus House, which was built in Goldmine in 1905. The Beckley House was built in Henderson in 1912. The museum follows the history of gaming in the city through a series of restored historic buildings. You can touch an actual roulette wheel, poker table and antique blackjack.

The Clark County Museum is a 30-acre site that features a timeline of southern Nevada’s history. Its collections are a blend of modern and restored historic buildings that depict the daily lives of different generations. There are interactive exhibits to view, but there is no charge to enter. A membership is the best way to save money on admission. The museum has many events for families and children, and it offers an excellent educational experience.