Get Your 14 SEER While You Still Can!

14 SEER: Phase Out, AC Equipment Shortage

blackmountain-air-hvac-techs-in-the-fieldIf you are currently in the market to get a new ac unit installed, then we have some very important news to share.

The minimum efficiency rating on units is changing, and 14 SEER equipment will no longer be allowed to be installed effective January 1st, 2023.

This has no effect on whether those units are allowed to be serviced, only installed.

Since the last SEER change in 2015, 14 SEER has been the standard of equipment for 7 years now and the vast majority of equipment available in our market is 14 SEER. It’s also the most economical choice for many. This has a few major effects on your pricing and upcoming availability :

1. 14 SEER equipment is in very short supply

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Even right now, many condenser sizes are just not in stock. So any gas split system that needs a condenser in that sizing cannot be fulfilled in 14 SEER. There may be another batch or two of equipment coming in before the year’s end but it will not be enough to fulfill everyone’s needs. We have many estimates out right now containing quotes for equipment we are now finding out is not in stock.

If you intend on putting in a new unit, and you want the lower-cost 14 SEER equipment, you need to do it now. It doesn’t have to be through us, we can’t even guarantee we’ll have access to that size of equipment, but if you can find someone to do it for you, we strongly recommend doing it as soon as possible.


2. Costs will go up

Most manufacturers are coming out with a new line of equipment that hits the 15 SEER minimum, which will hopefully be less expensive than the current 16 SEER pricing/not influences it to go up more, but we don’t know yet. We currently have no information on what the new models will be or verified pricing. All we know is we’ve been told to expect pricing to go up significantly on equipment.


3. You may have to have a 16 SEER unit installed if you need a new unit.

16 SEER units thus far are in fairly good supply. Worst case scenario, there will still be equipment to install
regardless it just won’t be the cheapest option.


Want to know more?

We hope this has been helpful. We understand that this SEER change is a bit more complex than what we outlined above, so if you have any questions or need more information you can always reach out to us to for any assistance with anything at all regarding any HVAC services or products by clicking here.

Or giving us a call at: (702) 450-6488


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